CommenTech is a simple way to communicate with customers

The technology is “Keyword” driven. Any subscriber to CommenTech would simply pick a unique “keyword(s)” for a business location they choose, customize their own survey and start promoting that keyword in their locations. When customers need to communicate, they simply text that keyword to the CommenTech phone number 713-714-0110 just like texting a friend. (Ask us about your own custom phone number)

After taking a few seconds to fill out your custom survey, the customer’s responses are delivered to the account notifiers within seconds via text, email, or both. This allows the business owners and account notifiers to know what is going on in their business at all times immediately.

This simple Text-Technology gives business owners the chance to respond to any issues within seconds; most of the time before the customer even has a chance to leave the business. Instant resolution equals immediate customer satisfaction. Long term tracking and analytics will often drive strategic decision-making and CommenTech provides the tools for just that.

However, combining that data-driven process with the ability to address customer concerns in real-time is groundbreaking. It is what separates CommenTech from other forms of customer service providers.